Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Word of Promise: Next Generation New Testament

Everyone loves free books, right? I know when there's no extra money lying around for "entertainment," one either has to get creative or head to the library. I found a program that went the former route, and I first told you about it here. Through the misfortune (or rather, someone's great fortune) of UPS, I ended up with two copies of the MP3 set I chose to review, and Thomas Nelson Publishers is graciously allowing me to give away the extra copy to one of my readers (more on that later).

We've been listening to The Word of Promise: Next Generation New Testament. It is a 3-disc set that contains the New Testament dramatized by an all-star cast, including Annasophia Robb, Jordan Sparks, Emily Osment, and Corbin Bleu. The set includes over 23 hours of listening, including introductions of the books by Max Lucado and his daughter, Jenna. I chose this MP3 set because it was geared toward a younger audience, and I thought Kaelan might enjoy listening to it now and even more when she gets older. So far, I've been right. When she sees my computer, she'll point to it and say, "Sing, sing!" which is her term for reading and singing. She loves to hear it and wants it to start again even between chapters.

Although I have enjoyed it, I haven't been quite as taken with it as she has been. I really like the sound effects and listening to the Bible brought to life. The background information given on the chapters is enlightening and brings new perspective to your listening. Most of the vocal actors are good, but some aren't really believable. It is hard to listen to a disciple that sounds like he's about 10. Jesus, played by Cody Linley, sounds pretty mellow throughout. It is a little disconcerting in the temple with the gamblers when He's actually supposed to be upset, but instead sounds like he's talking to his sick puppy.

Overall, it is good listening, and both Kaelan and I have had fun listening. It is great for riding in the car or playing through my iPod. I would definitely recommend it for parents with preteens or teens. Turning it into a family activity (complete with pauses and discussions) would be a great idea, too!

OK, now for the freebie. If you are interested, I have an extra copy of the set to give away. Please spread the word to all your friends and fellow bloggers. Here's how it is going to work. Please leave a comment telling me what you and your family do for fun in tight times. For an additional entry, tweet about the giveaway and leave me a comment (with the link) that you tweeted. By posting on your blog and linking back you'll earn another entry (leave another comment and the link to your blog). The giveaway ends Monday night, April 13th, and I'll randomly choose a winner then. I can't wait to see where this takes us. :-)

**Giveaway has ended**


tinabea said...

I'm never the first commenter on anything. How exciting! OK, for cheap fun we do a couple things. First, we are big game players. Samuel LOVES those find-it (hidden object) games on the computer and has a gazillion of them. You can download a one-hour free trial of most of their games. We have played as a family countless hours of free trials from bigfish, shockwave, and other sites. We have so much fun! We also registered at to get the codes texted to us for free movie rentals every Monday. We get the free movie a couple times a month....this week we watched "Bedtime Stories" for free. They also do promotions at other times (like a free movie on Wednesday for the whole month of March), so it's a good idea to sign up for their emails. Lastly, with some $ output up front, we now all have bikes which we like to go ride at either the Waterville school parking lot or at Fletcher Park. It's great exercise and we all enjoy it!

tinabea said...

Here is my blog link: and I twittered (tweeted?) as well!