Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kaelan's Birthday

Kaelan's birthday week was lots of fun for the whole family. On Monday, November 10th, my grandparents stopped by on their way to Florida and we had a mini-party with them. She was not impressed by the singing birthday candle or the mountain of whipped cream on her cupcake. Nope. Instead, she started crying. She did, however, enjoy the toys that Mamaw and Papaw brought her. On her birthday, we had a small dinner with Nana and Papa Doc. We tried a piece of chocolate cake that night and she said, "Mmmm. More." It was a definite go. So, Saturday, for the big shin-dig I made chocolate cupcakes complete with Kaelan cupcake toppers. But, did she get to partake of these scrumptious delights? Nope. The waiter thought it would be more fun for her to have her own cake (HUGE chocolate cake covered with whipped cream and chocolate sauce). Once she figured out that the white foam that covered her hands was edible, she enjoyed the experience, even sharing with Momma (in the hair). It was so great to have friends and family there to share our wonderful day and the blessing of our one year old daughter! My, how this year has flown!!

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