Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gotta Love Those Links: January 22nd

Here are the links I'm loving this week. Some really neat ideas!

Apartment Therapy: How to build a simple indoor swing (for winter)--This one makes me want to go get the stuff and start today. It looks so easy, and I can just imagine how much fun Kaelan would have with this!

Photojojo: The Perpetual Photo Wall Calendar--Talk about everyday art! This could really spruce up any wall in your house. You could use any kind of picture that you could imagine. Can you see your kids holding up signs with the numbers on them? Or maybe pictures from your favorite places around the city. There's so much room for creativity here that it really becomes YOUR calendar.

Fit Brains: Scientifically Based Brain Fitness Program--Just for fun. Make sure you give your brain a daily workout in one form or fashion. This is a neat place with lots of FREE games in a variety of categories. Remember the adage: Use it or lose it!


April said...

I love your blog, Charissa. I've added it to my list. The crafts and recipes are great!

standMoses said...

Nice blog, Charissa. I'm lovin' the Fit Brains site! ;)

standMoses said...

Soooo...about the swing. When it says children of any age...does it really mean ANY age...say like...38?